How to Find A Level Asian Escorts & English Escorts in London

What is A-Levels?

In short A-levels is a punting term for an Escort that provides Anal Sex, This service became popular with the rise of Escort Agency websites in the UK 10 years ago. It was further popularised by the world famous Oriental Gems escort agency when they started advertising girls that included A-levels in the standard rate. This is a service that is often provided less often then advertised or requested because of many factors. As mentioned before in the punting Asian Escorts article Thai women are petite and have small frames which makes this naturally harder to perform then your average Brazilian girl who has a larger derriere. However due to the demand many will attempt and some later becoming experts of this service.

Choosing an escort that provides A-levels

The newbie punter or average punter will make his selection for an A-Level escort based on the Escort that he likes the look of and who is listed or advertised as providing the service. Agencies will list each girl as an A-level provider simply if the girl says that she can do it, however reality is very different.

We recommend when calling us and asking who can provide this service based on feedback from previous clients and their reputation within London in general as being perfect for A-Levels. Take the agencies recommendation and more often than not you will not be disappointed if the girl dodges providing this service. For those guys who are well endowed please mention this and the agency can make a more calculated suggestion.

It is also worth mentioning that if choosing an Escort and expecting A-Levels it is worth mentioning this service when calling the agency to book so that they can pass on this request to the girl. For the expert providers they spend time before the booking preparing for it. For the best anal experiences research what steps porn stars take before shooting an anal scene.  Check it out first  the very best English escorts will follow similar procedures –  to make the experience as effortless and as enjoyable for the punter as possible.


Anals and half hour bookings

Most Thai girls will not provide Anal in half hour bookings. Although this has been the standard of the last 8 years many are breaking away from this tradition as the competition for bookings becomes more fierce with many new faces arriving on a regular basis and older faces not leaving the Escorting scene. We can recommend experienced Escorts Mercedes & Layla for those who want an escorts London session included in a half hour booking from London’s Leading Ladies escort agency .

Reverse A-Levels

For some punters they enjoy the girl performing A-levels on them. Although a fetish this is becoming extremely common and can be very pleasurable for many men. Many Thai Escorts keep a range of strapons and Dildos to use on their male counterpart. As more punters request this the more girls are willing to oblige.

We also recommend that is is mentioned at the time of the booking procedure so that the Agency can inform you which girl might have a good selection of toys. The bring your own policy applies here as well.