We Know Where Beyoncé’s Hair Went: On Lady Gaga

Chris Grant On Beyonce, Michael Jackson & Pepsi’s Fan Contest

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That’s what I love about the whole situation with her, is that we are learning from each other.” As part of Pepsi’s “Dance for a Chance” contest, Grant selected a number of amateur dancers to film a fan music video, set to Beyonce’s yet-to-be-released track, “Grown Woman.” (The song debuted in Beyonce’s Pepsi commercial.) It was, by Grant’s account, quite the experience. “It was very inspiring to me, because these are not professional dancers, these are fans who just enjoy Beyonce’s music,” he said. “For them to buckle down and really learn these steps and perform the way they did was amazing to me. They realized it was a once in a lifetime opportunity.” The would-be dancers screened video of their performance for Beyonce herself, who said that she was impressed by their efforts (see the above video). Grant noted that he and Beyonce are both “big MJ fans,” which he said informs the many pauses and dramatic, emotion-filled poses that characterize a Beyonce concert: “It’s so important for the fans to take in the moment. Like Michael would say, ‘Sizzle.’ The fans need that moment just to see you and get your feelings. She’s here — just don’t do anything and let people take it in. It’s also good for her, to take in the moment and realize that all these people are here for there. It’s also great for breathing — it’s a lot of work doing all that dancing and singing.” If there’s one person who’s responsible for putting Grant on Beyonce’s stage, it’s legendary choreographer and creative director Frank Gatson. Grant calls him “a father in the industry to me,” and said it was Gatson who allowed him to audition for Beyonce. “He’s a crazy man,” Grant laughs. “But he knows what he’s doing.” Dance aside, Grant’s working hard on music of his own. “That was my dream, when I was younger,” he said. “Seeing Michael and Janet, I just wanted to be an entertainer like that.

Despite the hiccup, fans appeared to enjoy Beyonce’s 17-track set and were in awe of her new blonde bob hairdo. Just one week after debuting a drastically short pixie haircut, the “Single Ladies” singer showed off a blonde bob while performing for thousands of fans at Hylands Park. One insider attempted to shed light on why exactly Beyonce got rid of her trademark long blonde locks. TO SEE PHOTOS OF BEYONCE’S BLONDE BOB CLICK HERE Like us on Facebook “Changing hair is like changing lipstick or eye shadow for her,” a source told the Daily Beast. “I think she gets a kick out of how much the press talks about it.” Some critics attributed Beyonce’s new hairstyle to an incident that occurred at her Mrs. Carter world tour in Montreal. In July the mother-of-one’s long locks got caught in a fan on stage while she was performing “Halo.” While the Hollywood star was able to laugh off the incident, critics have questioned whether the mishap may have influenced her to remove her beloved hair extensions and adopt the edgy new look. Kim Kimble, Beyonce’s longtime stylist, explained that the singer’s haircut is part of a bold statement. “She had great, thick long hair, which she cut off because she’s ready to make a statement. It’s a great [one] to make: I’m beautiful, sexy, bold and I can do it all,” Kimble said. “She’s the perfect model for that: A working woman, mom, superstar, businesswoman.

Beyonce Booed At V Festival; Debuts Blonde Bob

A museum? In a box to the left?). Well, were wondering no more because the case of Queen Beys missing mane has been solved! It appears the honey-blonde strands have relocated to Lady Gagas head. We thought wed seen Lady Gagas hair in almost every color, style and shape under the sunshes done it all from a hair bow to an aquamarine beehive and a floor-length ponytail but we were wrong. Shed never rocked the Beyonce. Mother Monster debuted this latest hairstyle in N.Y.C. on Tuesday while promoting her new single Applause and wed give her Beyonce-esque do a standing ovation. It probably took numerous bottles of hair spray for her to achieve these voluminous, serpentine curls, but we think it was worth it. (Plus, maybe shell hang on to all those empty cans and use them for a red carpet dress.) Tell us: Are you crazy in love with Lady Gagas new hair or did it look better on Beyonce? Storm Heitman Will & Kate: At Home with George Bachelor star Gia Allemand’s Tragic Death Bethany Hamilton’s Beach Wedding

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